The Simplest and Safest Ways to Detox

by Kelly

Spring is a time when you air out your home and dispose of items you no longer need. Your body also benefits when you take a break from bad habits and give your internal systems a chance to get rid of toxins. With the onslaught of pollutants, additives, and processed foods, most people require a little help to detox naturally.

Lemon and water

Safe Ways to Detox

There are simple and safe ways to begin that could give you more energy, clearer skin, and even better digestion. Once you see the results, you may find yourself on a new path as you see how small changes can make a big difference.

A safe and easy detox method is to drink more fresh, pure water. Not only does your body require water for healthy functioning, it also helps in taking out your trash. Try adding a squirt of lemon juice to rev up the cleansing potential of this precious liquid. Ditch the soda, but if you want some variety, sip some green tea for its amazing detoxing power.

Other Ways to Detox

Exercise is a great way to detox. The amount of exercise required is relative to what you are already doing. If you’re not doing much in the way of activity, walking is a safe way to begin. If you’re already exercising, you might choose to do a more intense version.

One of the reasons that exercise is so good for you is that it moves the lymph in your body. This is the body’s internal cleansing system, and it has no pumping mechanism other than movement. However, through the practice of body brushing, you can move the lymph and stimulate the skin, the largest organ of elimination. Buy a brush with natural bristles and make strokes from your extremities towards the heart.

Sweating is another way our body can release toxins. Hot yoga is phenomenal for this purpose. Heavy exercise might do the trick if your athletic, but a sauna is a lazy way to detox. Even heavy metals can be excreted through the skin, and this method is also relaxing and helps reduce stress.

Let Your Body Detox on its Own

And a relaxed body can do its job of detoxing much better. This really is the cornerstone of health. Meditation is excellent for stress reduction but is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Consider other activities like yoga classes, evening strolls or massages as stress can cause high cortisol levels that result in problems like weight gain, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Above all, the body’s natural detox abilities can be affected. Yes, there really is something to the mind-body connection.

Start with small changes and build up slowly. Detoxing can be powerful and needs to be undertaken with care and consideration. These safe detox ideas are simple, but overzealous adoption of any regime is not a balanced approach to health. Fatigue, headaches and digestive upsets might be indications that you’re detoxing faster than your body can remove the waste.