Nursing Degrees

Nursing Degrees At Various Level

Nurses have access to a number of different degree-granting. They have the ability to obtain skills in different areas to get them in the field of medical care, but there are a number of different levels to consider.


The licensed practical nurse gets into the medical field without the typical hassle of the 4-year college degree. People that are interested in this type of profession can look at about 12 months of school. This is a much shorter term than any type of college that requires a 4-year program. People that acquire LPN certifications are going to be found in hospitals, nursing homes and clinical environments.

Associates (ADN)

Assisting physicians is something that people in this ADN field can do when they get into the associate’s program. These are going to be workers that are helping physicians when it comes to time for surgeries. They will also be the nurses that help with wounds and cuts in hospital settings. Nurses that want to work directly with patients may choose this profession.

BS Degrees (BSN)

Obtaining a BS in the nursing field is an area that prepares a lot of nurses for clinical environments. The nurse that obtains the four-year degree has the ability to get into a registered nurse program. These are going to be the nurses that are handling more of the administrative duties in many instances. They have the ability to acquire positions where they are in charge inside of a clinical environment or a hospital setting. They are typically going to be the ones that have other LPNs under their leadership. They will receive updates from LPNs on different patients. They provide the doctors with an overview of what is taking place on the floor that they are responsible for handling when they work in hospitals.

Master Of Science (MSN)

People in the nursing field that go into this area are looking to get a higher-level program that may put them on the track to becoming a nurse practitioner. People that get these types of degrees are going to be well-suited to see patients without a doctor follows up. These nurses will work in a variation of health clinics and cancer centers. They are also found in hospital settings, but they are much more likely to work in positions where they are the primary people in charge. This is often in a clinical setting.

Doctorate (DSN)

Professors that teach course for nurses will have degrees in this field. Since this is the highest level these are going to be nurses that are considered to be almost as knowledgeable as doctors in the field of medicine. They teach others, and they also have a line of expertise that will sometimes result in the title of a doctor nurse. Once a person gets to the doctorate degree levels they are close to being a hybrid between what a nurse and a doctor in concerns to what they have learned. This is why they are highly sought-after by colleges to teach courses.