Check Out the New Dodge Lineup

by Kelly

Dodge is one of the largest auto manufacturers in the United States. Dodge is well-known for producing top of the line trucks and powerful muscle cars. Part of what sets Dodge above their competition is the number of options. Other manufacturers typically focus on one or two areas, while Dodge excels at giving customers variety. Whether you want a gas friendly truck for urban driving, a large truck to haul thousands of pounds of equipment or a luxurious muscle car with a powerful V8 engine, Dodge has a vehicle for you.

Dodge is also an innovative auto manufacturer, using the latest technology in their vehicles. Not only does this lead to Dodge vehicles having extra perks like GPS navigation and Bluetooth speakers, but it also has superior safety features. Many of the new Dodge lineup feature automatic emergency braking, forward-collision warning and 360-degree cameras. Listed below are several new Dodge trucks to keep an eye on in 2021.

2021 Dodge Challenger

The Challenger is one of Dodge’s flagship vehicles. The 2021 version shares many similarities with the 2020, but there are a couple of new features. 20-inch wheels are now standard on most models. There are also wider body options. The grille, spoiler and fender all feature a sleek, black chrome finish. The driver’s seat, side mirrors and steering column all come standard with improved memory features. The 2021 model also boasts better handling than the previous model. Even the larger Challenger variants drive like a smaller vehicle.

There are a few different packages available for the 2021 Dodge Challenger. The most powerful is the supercharged SRT Super Stock, which contains a 6.2-liter V8 engine, capable of 807 horsepower. The standard model has a V6 engine, which options available for all-wheel drive, while the V8 is only rear-wheel. The new Challenger also has increased trunk space, with 16.2 cubic feet of storage.

Despite being a sports car, the Dodge Challenger is relatively inexpensive, with a basic SXT costing around $28,000. The price increases to $31,000 if you want all-wheel drive. You can also upgrade to a V8 engine by spending $35,000. The V8 SRT models are more expensive, costing between $40,000 to $50,000, depending on which package you want. There are also two powerful Hellcat variants, costing between $60,000 and $80,000.

2021 Dodge Durango

For over 10 years, Dodge has released a yearly upgrade to the Durango. The Durango is a spacious midsize SUV, focusing as much on comfort and safety as performance and speed. One of the best features of the 2021 Durango is the engine. The basic model includes a V6 engine, but there are options to upgrade to a V8 with 710 horsepower, something few other SUVs are able to compete with. With so many engine options, it comes as no surprise the Durango is one of the best towing vehicles on the market.

The 2021 version has several upgrades from the previous 2020 model. The standard touch screen was upgrading to 8.4 inches, with an optional 10.1-inch screen available. Wireless device charging for both Apple and Android products is also included. The infotainment system was redesigned with greater accessibility in mind. A greater focus was placed on fuel efficiency for the 2021 Durango. In the city, you can get close to 20 MPG, while highway driving is closer to 25 MPG.

The 2021 Durango has three rows of seat, making it an excellent vehicle for larger families. If you do not normally drive with multiple passengers, there is a variant available where the middle-row is replaced with roomier captain chair style seating. The second row also features LATCH connectors for car seats. Without lowering any of the seats, the base model has 17.2 cubic feet of storage in the trunk. Lowering the third row increases the space to almost 50 feet.

The base Durango costs around $31,000. Rear-wheel drive is standard, but you can upgrade to an all-wheel drive variant for $33,000. Advanced trims cost between $35,000 to $45,000, while the high performance V8 variants cost between $60,000 and $80,000.

Dodge 2022 Ram

The Dodge Ram manages to be both a powerful and stylish truck. The 2022 model is set to build on the success of the 2021 Ram while offering a few new features. The base model is able to tow 1500 pounds, but the strongest variant is capable of towing nearly 13,000 pounds. There are many engine variants available, including hybrid options. One of the newest features for the 2022 Ram is the eco-friendly six-cylinder diesel engine. There are also three different packages, BackCounty, Big Horn and Lone Star all designed with off road driving in mind.

One of the biggest changes to the 2022 Ram is the fuel economy. With a V6 engine, you can expect around 20 MPG in the city, or 26 on the highway. The V8 engine drops to 17 MPG in the city, and close to 25 on the highway. With a diesel engine, you can expect 22 MPG in the city, but 32 on the highway.

There are also more luxury trims available for the 2022 Ram. Some of the upgrade options include heated and ventilated seats, premium leather, wood accents and a panoramic sunroof. You can also get five- and six-foot cargo bed enhancements.