Hotel Points Credit Cards

by Kelly

Ever thought about staying at a hotel for free? Well, there is no such thing as free, but receiving reward points for your purchases is the next best thing. See, rewards points are the points or cash back that can be used for purchasing hotels or other redeemable perks at the companies hotels. Part of healthy finance is the ability to maximize the benefits of the various methods available to the cardholder.

This is an option for those who love to travel the country or even the state and enjoy staying at a particular brand of hotel or chain of hotels that have offers for their valued customers. In a perfect world, we could get points and freebies just by being members of an organization. Now we are not only required actually to pay for the hotels under a name but given the economy and the marketing and all of the other determining factors, to get to reap the benefits of the hotel points in most cases, the purchase of the hotel must be on a co-branded credit card. But what is a co-branded credit card, and how does it fit in with a person’s finances?

Co-Branded Credit Cards

In a nutshell, it is a card that has the same name as the Hotel company that the member wants to stay. This type of card is tracked and depending on the frequency of the stay and the duration, qualifies the cardholder to receive many rewards for their loyalty. This new system of advertising is what we consider Hotel Points and traditionally is a perk that is exclusive to that particular company and can not be used at other hotel chains or restaurants.

General Travel Credit Cards

This type of card is pretty similar in part to the Co-branded card, but there is a difference. With the co-branded cards, the user can obtain many perks, bonuses, and add on to their travel hotel points. With the General travel credit card the user is also able to earn a point but given the map is not specific to the hotel, the cardholder is given a more flexible arrangement of rewards that can be redeemed and cashed in at a pretty much any hotel.

The awards are usually fixed and are not as glamorous as the Co-branded credit cards but the upside is, if the cardholder is someone that enjoys a variety and would prefer to have fewer rewards and more flexibility then this is undoubtedly the best type of card to use in order to build up the points and gain access to free stays at hotels just for staying in a hotel.

The best option is to go online and read several reviews on the cards out there that offer tremendous rewards for whatever type of traveling that best fits the lifestyle. It is imperative that we reap the rewards of the many opportunities out there available for ordinary people to use to ensure that we maximize our finances in 2019.