Travel Rewards Credit Cards

by Kelly

Get Paid to Travel with Travel Rewards Credit Cards

For those with a reasonable understanding of finance and financial literacy, you know that credit cards are an excellent opportunity for you to manage your funds while increasing your credit score month to month. Credit cards can be strategically used to separate budgets and at the same time, allow you to easily track your regular spending habits compared to spending cash. But, have you ever considered getting a credit card that offers travel rewards to gain additional perks and add free money to your finances?

What is a Travel Rewards Credit Card

Here is the basic gist of what a travel reward card is and how it can be beneficially for you to use if you are interested in traveling. A travel rewards credit card gives you points or miles that you can then use to cover your travel expenses, and the best part about this is, it is free. Think about it; you were going to be spending the money anyway, how about getting rewards for utilizing their services.

If you have any particular special airline or hotel that you enjoy, then speak with them directly and see what they have to offer and you may be surprised to know that you would be able to spend money and earn money at the same time. See this is a no brainer for those who are serious about finance and want to capitalize on every opportunity they can to earn additional funds on their purchases for free.

Best Travel Rewards Credit Card

If you do not have any airline or hotel that you are faithful too and are just learning this information from scratch, here is an idea of a few cards you can look into that provide great rewards for your purchases.

  • Capital One Venture Rewards card offers one of the best flat rates rewards and is partnered with There is no annual fee for the first year, and then it is under $100 bucks after. You must have a good credit score to qualify.
  • For airline miles and a massive bonus, Chase Sapphire is a no brainer. Starting with a $95 annual fee, if you would like to travel and save, this is a keeper as well. You will also need a good credit score.
  • Now, there are free travel rewards credit cards out there with no annual fee, but I would caution you to examine your travel habits and purchases to see which one of the cards would best suit your situation and bring you the most rewards for your purchases.

Put it to you like this; it is worth spending a little money upfront if this will give you the best opportunity for rewards later. For more information, I would encourage you to contact the local banks and ask them what they have to offer.

Do not fill out the applications online for any cards because this will cause a drop in your credit score when your credit is run. So it would be best to do your research online, compare your habits and interests and plans and then speak with a representative to see if that is the card you want to choose so you can start earning money today.