Top 10 Surprisingly Affordable Android Phones

by Kelly

In the past, Appleā€™s iPhone was the dominant cellphone on the market. While Apple may have pioneered the modern-day cellphone, many other brands have stepped up to produce their own phones, with Android being one of the strongest competitors. Android phones have many advantages over Apple. For many consumers, the best feature of Android phones is the price.

Apple products have skyrocketed in price over the years, in no small part because Apple knows they can charge more because of the name. Android phones are much more affordable and come with many of the same features as the iPhone, and in some cases, Android phones even have superior technology. Ten of the highest quality affordable Android phones for 2020 are covered below.

1. Google Pixel 4a

Many consumers overlook the Google Pixel 4a when they are shopping for an affordable phone. The Pixel 4a is one of the newest Android phones on the market, but it is significantly less expensive than most smartphones when they are first released. Compared to other new releases from big competitors, like Samsung or Apple, the Pixel 4a is roughly a third of the price. The basic model comes with 128 GB storage. A big selling point is the new display, which uses an OLED screen to provide crisp and clean graphics. As a newer phone, it features a top of the line camera, with live HDR and high-resolution zoom.

2. OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord is another Android phone which is easy to overlook due to limited availability. As of writing, the phone is not produced in the United States, meaning the only option to buy it is through importing. It is however compatible with most U.S. service providers. Thanks to the internet, it is much easier to purchase products overseas, and even with import costs, it is still an affordable phone. It is one of the fastest budget phones, with 12 GB of RAM and a 765G chipset.

3. Moto G Power

If you are looking for a basic phone primarily for communication, the Moto G Power is easily the most affordable option. The Moto G Power focuses one area, a strong battery life, lasting around 16 hours on average. The display is not as good as other models of android phone, and the camera options are quite limited as well. It has a decent amount of storage space, and a surprisingly strong processor as well.

4. TCL 10 Pro

The TCL 10 Pro is another newer Android phone. It is more expensive than most of the other phones on the list, though still less expensive than newer Apple or Samsung products. It comes with a large amount of storage, 128 GB by default, but it also has a microSD slot. The battery uses a 4,500-mAh model, which lasts for about 11 or 12 hours. The processor is a little weaker than other new phones, so it is not the best option in terms of gaming, but otherwise, it offers top of the line performance.

5. Nokia 7.2

Nokia is not the cellphone powerhouse it was in the past, but the newest model, the Nokia 7.2, has greatly improved on the older models. The Nokia 7.2 boasts an impressive battery, but it really excels in display and processing power. If you like to game or mostly use your phone for the internet, you will not be disappointed with the Nokia 7.2.

6. OnePlus 7T

Unlike the Nord, the OnePlus 7T is available in the United States. Unfortunately, it is one of the harder Android phones to find. The 7T has a slightly larger screen than most other smart phones, making it a popular choice for streaming and internet use. The display has a 90 Hz refresh rate, making for smooth images, especially if you are watching in HD. You may have to do some searching to find a retailer who carries it, but the 7T is worth hunting down if you want a powerful but affordable phone.

7. Moto Edge

The Moto Edge has a curved screen, which provides a unique display feature, but it is considered hit or miss by many consumers, especially if they are used to a traditional phone display. The Edge does have additional display options to center the display, but if you want to avoid the curved screen, it makes much more sense to purchase a different model. The other downside of the Edge is a fluctuating price. The basic Edge is normally marked down, but price widely varies for the other models. If you are interested in purchasing the Edge, you may have to wait for a sale, or shop around to find one of the lower priced models.

8. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

Xiaomi is another brand not available in the United States, and unlike the Nord, it is only compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile. It is another android phone with a curved screen. What makes the Xiaomi stand out is the processor. It uses a 730G processor, making it a top of the line phone for gaming.

9. Samsung Galaxy A51

The Galaxy A51 comes with an older processor, meaning it is not the best phone for gaming or internet usage. However, the big draws, besides an affordable price, are a strong battery life and one of the best cameras on an Android phone. The A51 uses four different sensors for the camera, allowing you to get ultra-wide angles. With a 48MP camera, you also get some of the cleanest images available from a smartphone camera.

10. Moto E

The Moto E is the most affordable Android phone on the market, even compared to the Moto G Power. The reason it is so low is, unlike other phones, it is not compatible with OS updates. If you are not concerned with having new features, the Moto E is the perfect phone. It has a surprisingly powerful display for the price, although it has limited storage space, with only 32 GB available.