Gas Card Credit Cards

by Calyn Ehid

If you purchase gasoline with a credit card, you can put Safeway points down on this card, reducing the amount you pay for your gasoline purchase. Gas stations reward you the same at all stations with some gasoline credit cards while others only give you rewards from a single chain, such as Chevron and Safeway’s deal with each other. Gas prices are on the rise again, and one needs a way to save money while driving around because of the gas prices. It begs the question if driving is really worth it at all?

Gas credit cards are different from prepaid cards that are given out by a gas station. You can pay for gas at the pump while taking advantage of discounts and perks offered by the card issuer, as the Exxon and Mobil stations cause one to earn Plenti points per gallon of Synergy Gasoline you buy with the card. This sort of card can help you track your expenses, if you use the gasoline credit card exclusively at one gas station near your home.

Finding the Best Gas Credit Cards for You

You need to do a lot of comparison-shopping for gasoline credit cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. A Bank America credit card is another credit card option that is available. Gasoline cards do reward the customer that stays loyal to them, offering them higher returns in exchange, you need the finance.

Each credit card for gasoline has finance and can help those who have trouble getting approved for a normal credit card. One con of having a gas card is that they often come with high interest rate. One good thing, however, is that loyal customers do get discounts. Some gas stations offer discounts while you pay in cash. You may find that while you have a problem getting approved for a traditional credit card, you may find that gas rewards help you with major discounts. A gas card may look like a normal credit card on the surface, but there are differences to keep in mind, such as where you can use and finance a gasoline credit card.

Useful Gas Rewards Credit Cards

Gas cards are useful to maintain your budget with. The most useful gas cards, always feature a way to save money on gas cards. In order to choose a good gas card, you have to be wary of the types of spending restrictions involved. Some cards would not be able to be used everywhere, such as Sam’s Club or Costco. A card such as the Blue Cash Preferred card from American Express is offering 3% limited cash back on purchases at all U.S. Gas Stations.

Getting a credit card with a spending cap could help you reign in your spending. Card membership does have fringe benefits such as being able to be at entertainment venues that give you a major discount just for going. Another reason to have a gas card is to have Costco membership, which makes you eligible for deep Costco discounts despite the annual membership fee you have to pay in order to qualify for this card.