Your Best Deals in Granada

If there is a city that truly evokes the essence of Spain, that city is Granada. Cross-roads of civilizations since time immemorial and in an amazing location, Granada is a vibrant, friendly and lively metropolis that is plenty of culture. The Alhambra is the main attraction of the historical heritage of the city, stands on a hilltop overlooking a town that attracts more than three million visitors every year.

Granada, capital of the province of the same name, is in south-eastern Spain, in the autonomous region of Andalusia. It was the historical and traditional capital of High Andalusia, or eastern Andalusia, which comprised the provinces of Jaén, Granada and Almería, as opposed to Lower Andalusia or western Andalusia. In addition to being the traditional capital, Granada is the judicial capital of Andalusia, as the home of the High Court of Justice of the autonomous region.

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