Window Replacement

The Benefits of Window Replacement

A home’s windows can last more than 20 years, but knowing when to replace windows are essential to the up-keeping of the property. It is sometimes far more cost effective to repair a window versus replacing it if the window’s problem is minor. For example, new weather-stripping or hardware issue are simple repair issues that can be resolved within minutes. However, if you notice the window frame or window sash is warped or broken it is better to replace the windows so further problems do not develop in the future.

Most people think, “Well the window can still open and close so the replacement can wait”. The aforesaid thought process of everyday consumers can cause further financial burdens in the future if the problems are not fixed when noticed. Windows are critical during the winter months by providing sunlight to heat the home. However, drafty windows can increase energy bills up to 25 %. Using energy-efficient windows, such as dual pane windows, can lower cooling and heating bills significantly. Also, if when preparing a home to be placed on the market, listing “energy-efficient windows” can be a positive from a buyers’ aspect. Window replacement can enhance the features of a home. If the windows look worn then your home will look worn also. Faded window panes, broken frames, broken window sashes, can all cause the curb appeal of your home to depreciate.

Nonetheless, during the window replacement process it is important to familiarize yourself with the different types of windows offered. The following are types of windows that are often used, as well as a pricing guide- 

1. Dual-Pane windows: have upper and lower sashes which allow warmer air near the ceiling and cooler air can flow in through lower sash. 
Price: $200-430

2. Single- Pane windows: look identical to dual-pane but only the lower sash is operable. 
Price: $100-335

3. Sliding windows :window moves horizontally along upper and lower tracks. The window can still be opened slightly to allow ventilation.
Price : $160-575

4. Glass block windows: have individual blocks that are closed with mortar. The glass is break-resistant for privacy. 
Price: $100-1340

5. Projection windows : extend out from the house; similar to a bay window. 
Price: $ 900-1525

6. Storm windows: reduce the flow of air into the home, providing an economical way to increase the energy efficiency of single-pane windows. The space between the storm window and the existing window acts as added insulation.
Price: $ 87-215

7.Casement windows: are hinged on one end and pivot out for ventilation at the other end. Very easy to open and provide excellent air flow. 
Price: $ 345-615

Window replacement can provide the highest financial increase on your real estate properties. Window replacement provides more pleasure to homeowners because they lower energy costs, eliminate a lot of outside noise, and provide easier home maintenance due to quality replacements. There are several types of window brands and types to choose from, but knowing the prices and benefits of the window types will make the selection process easier.