What Will An Online Degree Cost In 2018?

Over the last decade, traditional college and university tuition has been on the rise. This has helped to create an incredible movement where many universities have shifted to becoming 100% online. Budget cuts and class shortages have also contributed to the movement, creating a more affordable and efficient path to a college degree.

Traditional Colleges & Universities Are
* Seeing a shift to online degree programs because of affordability & convenience
* Losing enrollments due to tuition costs & lack of flexibility

Benefits Of Earning A Degree Online

Save Money:

One of the biggest benefits of taking online classes, compared to traditional courses at a university, is the amount of money you save. When you factor in tuition, fees, resources, commuting and time it took away from other pursuits, the total cost being saved could be a substantial amount. Unfortunately, traditional schools are expensive to own and operate, and the extra expenses are passed on to the student. Online courses eliminate most of the support staff and maintenance usually associated with traditional colleges & universities.

More Choices:

The top online colleges offer a wide variety of courses and programs to fit whatever subject you are looking for. Many of the top online programs have a catalog of classes far superior to traditional universities. They just don’t have the resources to offer such a large variety of classes.

Flexible Schedule:

Without a doubt, one of the greatest benefits of online classes is the flexible schedule. You have the ability to study whenever you have the time. Many of us have jobs, responsibilities and hobbies that make it nearly impossible to conform to a set schedule.

Study From Home:

While other students are sitting in traffic, scrambling to a midday class, you could be relaxing on the couch watching the lecture from the comfort of your home. There are no physical class sessions. Lectures, exams and other materials are delivered electronically to the student. No need to miss activities, fight traffic or battle for a parking space. You can even attend class while traveling or on vacation!

More Opportunities For Your Future:

Many large companies have strict policies in place that prevent them from hiring anyone without a degree. Even if you do get a job with a good company, seasoned talent is often passed up come promotion time for the younger, less experienced candidate with a college degree. You can be the most qualified candidate for a position or a promotion, but without a college degree, you might not even be considered.