VELUX Blinds For Roof Windows

Original VELUX blinds and shutters go hand-in-hand with VELUX roof windows. We offer the largest assortment of roof window blinds on the market – and all sun screening products guarantee you the fit you need, a awesome look and ever-lasting, reliable performance.

Choose among the highest performance, award-winning blinds built to last. VELUX blinds and shutters are rigorously tested to ensure flawless operation and minimal faults even after years of continuous daily use and exposure to environmental elements.

Whether you need light control, heat protection, a sophisticated look or a variety of colors, you are sure to find the right VELUX blind for your needs. Simply choose from a wide range of blind types and select a color or pattern that suits your room.

Type Of Velux Blinds Depending on Roof

There are two categories of Velux Blinds and below some examples:

  • Pitched Roof
  • Flat Roof

Blackout blinds

  • Total blackout
  • Stepless positioning
  • Multiple different colors and designs

Duo blackout blinds

  • Total blackout
  • Stepless positioning
  • Flat and pleated cloth