Vacation to Mauritius

Mauritius can be associated to the Caribbean Islands. 1,200 miles from the east coast of Africa, the island has more than 300 kilometres of incredible white beaches. You could be able to see dolphins playing in the ocean. The coasts are defined by beaches that wouldn’t look out of place in Hawaii, breathless sandy white long beaches.

A bit of history

The island offers diversified and unique cultural clashes. It was discovered 600 years ago. Not far from Madagascar with which the creole cuisine is shared, similar to what you can find in Haiti. Grand Baie in the north can be considered the culinary capital. The Chateaux de Labourdonnais, in northern Mauritius is a gift from French colonization. A spot worth visiting to remember tough time of occupation by the French troups.

A must visit

Look beyond the beaches and nature will shock you. Preserving it is tough and costly and tourist should be extremely respectful of flora and fauna on the island. The high mountains and forests in the mainland guest some of the world’s rarest animals. The island is also ring-fenced by one of the largest unbroken barrier coral reefs in the world, so the scuba diving opportunities are on a par with the Maldives

Aerial view of Mauritius Island