Top Degrees 2019

Obtaining a degree can help you dramatically boost your career. Studies have shown that people who graduate with a college diploma in the United States earn at least $40,000 up to $125,000 within the first year of working. It may be difficult choosing a degree you enjoy, but try not to worry because there are many degrees to choose from, one of which is bound to be a worthwhile endeavor. Depending on your interests and what your long-term goals are, choosing the right degree is something you should strongly consider. With that in mind let us dive into some of the top degrees in 2019.

Business Degrees

One of the most popular degrees you can obtain is a Bachelor’s in Business. The business field is a very large encompassing area that includes finance, management, and statistics just to name a few. This degree will teach you the fundamental and core components of what a business is and how it runs. You will learn techniques to master the workflow be it an office, self-proprietorship, or an internationally run company. Jobs in this field can vary depending on pay. For example, the average Finance Business Manager makes an average of $75,000 a year, if you are starting off in Business Operation as an assistant you will earn approximately $40,000, and if you decide to go the Accounting route the average salary is around $50,000. Your pay will change depending on if you decide to be a manager. Managers will often make a significant amount more than an assistant or associate.

History and Law Degrees

If you are intrigued or passionate about the past getting a degree in social science or history might be the right choice for you. Many people who decide to take the history route end up doing a lot of research, writing papers, and often end up doing a fair amount of traveling depending on their topic of research. This opportunity has a wide variety of careers to choose after graduation. You may consider teaching, working at a library, research facility, government position, politics, and much more. This is a great degree if you are looking to also pursue a law degree. History ties in closely with law in regard to declarations and bills passed as well as understanding right and amendments.

Health Degrees

Becoming a nurse, doctor, or any other degree in the health field is no easy task but once accomplished there are many benefits. Obtaining a health degree involve a great deal of studying chemistry, biology, math, and sciences. Having a health degree is a great choice for those who would like flexibility in changing locations. Health degrees are often universal and you can find jobs in most cities across the United States. The starting pay is generally much higher than the average job. A nurse, for example, will make around $65,000 a year, a pharmacist will earn $120,000 on average, and a doctor will make $187,000. If you are a focused learner and are willing to take the challenge with great rewards then this is the option for you.

There are many more degrees to choose from such as psychology, education, art, film, biology, chemistry, engineering, and more. There is no wrong choice. Finding the field you like best is what is most important. Do your research and find the path you will enjoy most!