Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics are very important to good hygiene health. The ingredients in cosmetic products are typically what separates the higher priced brands to the cheap ones. One gets what they paid for. There are several thousands of great quality brands. These products tend to be a bit pricey over time. Is it worth it? Of course. Luckily, there are companies & services that provide discounted prices on these products. Other companies provide a subscription service that provides monthly products under one flat fee. Many have questioned if higher prices equal a better product. This may not always be the case, but majority of the time it is true. The higher the price, the better the ingredients for your health.


Here are a few examples of the Top 5 most popular cosmetic products:


1. Primer


Makeup primer is a base for foundation, this allows makeup to last longer on the face. Primer is a key product. Makeup primers are formulated with silicone-based polymers, like dimethicone, because of their mega-smoothing effects. If one struggles with acne and other poor skin conditions, it is wise to select higher quality products & brands.


2. Concealer


Concealer is another product that is just as important as primer. The purpose of the concealer is to cover up any blemishes on the face. Usually dark eye circles. The content of these ingredients is highly important as well.


3. Foundation


Foundation is a product used to give the appearance of the same color tone on the skin. This product gives the illusion that the skin is perfect & clean despite what may lie underneath. Makeup foundation is essential in cosmetics. These may be the pricier products, depending on the brand


4. Lipstick/Lip Gloss


Lipstick is easily the most recognizable element in cosmetics. It is commonly the first makeup product one will use. Lipstick varies in price. The average is around $20.00 per stick, with outliers close to the $100.00 range.


Despite the Top 5 cosmetic items listed above, there are plenty more. While the cost of having each item is pricey. It would be wise to subscribe to a monthly makeup & cosmetic bundles. These bundles will save money over time & will provide the essential products on a monthly basis. Many of the items is these packages are anonymous but provide top brands with high quality brands. Is it worth it? Absolutely. There are numerous companies that provide these bundles. Discover that best prices!