Simple Yet Delicious Cocktails

Everyone loves a well-designed and mixed cocktail with just the right amount of each ingredient. After a long day’s work or the family get together, there is no bad time for the perfect cocktail. In order to produce the perfect drink, it is imperative to always have the right cocktail ingredients. This article will highlight some cocktails that will deliver every time no matter the occasion. While there is an art to mixing up the perfect cocktail, the ones discussed in this article will be simple and delicious.

The Manhattan cocktail is a wonderful drink for bourbon lovers. It combines any whiskey of your choice, angostura bitters, and sweet red vermouth with maraschino cherries as a garnish. This traditional cocktail is one of five cocktails named after a borough in New York City.

The Manhattan is said to have been created in the 1860’s. There are many different variations of the Manhattan now a days, but the original Manhattan cocktail is still the most popular. It is a perfect ending to a nice dinner, or a great way to relax after a long day of work.

Vodka cocktails are also very popular in America. Vodka is used in many different cocktails including but not limited to the Martini, the White Russian, the cosmopolitan, the screwdriver, and the Cape Cod just to name a few. Vodka is very versatile in its ability to mix well with lots of different ingredients. The Martini will be the focus of today’s article. Although the original Martini was created using gin instead of vodka, the vodka martinis have become a very popular cocktail all across the country. The ingredients for this cocktail are vodka and vermouth. The Martini can be served strained and chilled, with garnishing from the olives to capers to cocktail onions. There are many other variations now of the Martini, but the original vodka martini is still the crowd favorite.

Cocktails do not just stop at whiskey and vodka though; beer cocktails are also very popular. Beer enthusiast all over the country enjoy a number of beer cocktails from the Boilermaker, to the Black and Tan, to the Irish Car Bomb. This article will focus on the Irish Car Bomb. This cocktail is made using a drop shot technique which patrons love to use because it is fun.

A stout beer is the first ingredient require to build an Irish Car Bomb. Then a shot that is half whiskey and half Irish creme is dropped into the glass of stout, and then the fun begins. The sweet of the Irish creme is a perfect complement to the bitterness of the whiskey and stout beer.

No matter the occasion, a well-made cocktail is sure to be a popular hit with your guests. The Manhattan, the Martini, and the Irish Car Bomb are three American favorites that will always be a crowd-pleasing choice. By offering these cocktails, guests can be satisfied whether they like whiskey, vodka or beer, so give these cocktails a try at the next occasion.