How to Optimize Your Coupons

What’s better than savings? How about maximum savings? If you clip coupons, I have a treat for you! Shopping can be a chore on its own; it’s no easy task. However, it is rewarding. Optimizing your savings could help make shopping a little easier on the pockets as well as the brain.

To maximize your savings by optimizing your resources, you will need to know some general rules. There are different types of coupons such as the manufacturers and the stores.

The manufacturer’s savings can be located on a website. Sometimes you can find them on the products for instant redemption. In most cases, they cannot be combined with their own kind. These savings are often limited and are for promotional purposes. ( They want you to try the product.)

The store’s savings can also be located on a website, in print or via savings card. 
Depending on the store in which you consider shopping at, you may be able to combine multiple coupons and possibly receive some “free” goodies. The store’s savings are more lenient than the manufacturers. Stores may decide to offer a paper saving if an item is overstocked and they want to get rid of some of the inventory. In some cases, the reasoning is like the manufacturer; they want you to try the product. And other products as well that may be in the eye view of the discounted item.

These tasks involve carefully reading the small print from the manufacturer and the store regarding the product. The small print will show the various options that you could take when it comes to redemption. 

To many people, this is part of the tasks that takes the most time. However, when it comes to savings, the time will not be wasted in the end. 

Discounts by paper clippings could save you hundreds of dollars every year but maximizing your savings by using multiple discounts through the manufacturer and the store could save you thousands and have the potential to get “free” goodies. 

The scales seem to balance when it comes to the tasks of searching and combining multiple savings. On one side of the scale, you may choose to not invest the time into optimizing your savings and pay full retail price. On the other end of the scale, the time used to search and apply the multiple discounts would save you money. So much so that you may not have to work overtime or find that second job in order to afford the things that you want. 

If you chose to pay less, get “free” goodies, and save time by not having to work a second job to make your ends meet, then please join the rest of us economically smart individuals. Start by using your brain in a smart way (optimizing your savings) to save time and preserve your energy for all the fun things in life such as spending time with our loved ones. After all, they are the reasons for everything action we take.