Get Your Contacts Online

Some people who have bad vision hate the headaches and the weight that comes with wearing glasses all day. That’s why a good option are contacts! The concept of contacts was introduced in 1939 where they were first made out of plastic and were first put on sale in 1978. There are many different types of contact lenses that are available for all different types of eyes. From dry eyes, contact users that prefer keeping them for an extended time, multifocal use whether daily or monthly, or even for a stigmatism.


One of the best contact lenses for daily use is Acuvue OASys. It’s said to be one of the best brands because it offers continue wettability throughout the day and proves to be very comfortable. It’s good for eyes that are staring at a computer or any digital device all day.


A good brand for those with dry eyes is Cooper vision Proclear and they are recommended because they offer hydrogel materials and usually last on average on 12 hours a day. With these technologies it allows them to remain comfortable and moist throughout the day. They are exclusively the only brand on the market to offer the FDA mark for the Proclear technology.


A good option for those who are trying to use their contacts for daily multifocal use is 1 Day Acuvue Moist Brand. Not only does it offer comfort, but it offers a superior vision compared to other brands that are on the market. They include a wetting agent within the contact so during the day you never have that feeling of dryness in your eyes. Even with this technology it does not decrease blinking.


For those who intend on using their contacts for a longer period of time should look no further than air optix multifocal contact lenses. You can use them for 6 days straight or spread them out over a 30-day period. They offer a soft gel like lenses, so oxygen can easily pass through and allows the eyes to breath.


With so many different types of contacts out there you are not short on options for you to choose from and with the variety of eye types out there you will surely have to do some research on what contacts suits you best. From those who want to extend the use of their contacts or those who are just looking for daily use, your options are not short and with technology getting furthered every day.