Gas and Electricity

The ability to access gas and electricity is one of the many conveniences which we take for granted.  It is also a fact that appreciating the primary providers as well as how they define their tariffs is crucial if we want to save money while enjoying high levels of service.  Here you can find an overview of how energy policies function before assessing the main providers as well as the questions to ask when deciding upon a specific energy plan.

Energy Policies: Understand the Tariffs Schemes

Unlike other services such as internet or communication, it is common that the consumer does not have a choice regarding which gas or electricity supplier to select.  These companies are usually based out of specific regions.  They calculate tariffs offered to customers based upon the prices of fossil fuels as well as a specific product is consumed over a period (such as on a monthly basis).  In the past, some of these readings were based off pre-estimated usage.  However, many new “smart” energy meters will directly transmit your usage data in a real-time. 

Top Providers in the United Kingdom

There are several major providers throughout the country.  Some of these tend to rise to the top in terms of the services they provide and the levels of customer satisfaction (combined with competitive pricing packages).  The top companies include:

  • – Ovo energy
  • – Places for People Energy
  • – Ebico
  • – Flow Energy
  • – Green Star Energy

These have all been evaluated based off of several parameters including customer service, invoice accuracy, value for money and the number of alternative energy solutions that they provide.

Typical Questions to Ask When Speaking with a Representative

Before signing any type of formal contract, you shall be sure that you get the most convenient service options.  Be sure to ask how many points of contact you are given if an issue arises.  Do they offer emergency services 24 hours a day or do they subcontract out?  Are their tariffs fixed or variable (for example time dependent)?  Will they provide rebate if you decide to switch to a greener or cheaper solution?  

Choosing the right gas and electricity supplier does not have to be a long or complex process.