Find Your Match With Online Dating

We live in the era where all different types and apps are taking away from human to human contact, in some areas this could be seen as a bad thing. One area where the internet made your life a little easier is in terms of dating. Back in the day before smart phones you had to go out into the world to try to find that perfect match. Now just from a simple swipe of your phone you could be looking and meeting your next date! There are so many different types of websites and apps that are tailored for what you are looking for.


One of the biggest dating websites is The website was founded back in 1995 and has remained one of the largest websites around for dating. This website is usually tailored towards the people that are ready to settle down an take the next step in their lives to begin a family. Users have the ability to completely tailor their profiles to their liking. Like many apps today like Snapchat or Instagram where you can add filters or add voice overs to your videos, allows you the same benefits. Although its technically free to build out your profile the cost to keep it and be active on the site comes out to roughly $20 a month. On average averages about 25,000 new members daily, which is a huge number so your chances of finding that perfect match could just be a click away! offers a range of relationships from casual to serious dating. They offer an online website and a mobile one if you are on the go!


Another great website to check out is eHarmony. It was founded in 2000, and its tailored to people who are really ready to settle down and pursue something serious. It is reported that the total number of users is around 54 million and is responsible for around 4% of us marriages. It is to be noted that if you are just looking for casual dating this probably not the website for you. Membership fees start at 19.95 a month.


Another large dating site today is Zoosk! It was initially started as part of Facebook and has grown to be in 80 countries and now has nearly 35 million users. Like many of the other websites its completely free to make your profile but to interact with any other user you have to have a paid membership to interact with any other users. It includes a website and app for your use!