Definition Of Zakat

Definition Of Zakat

Zakat is the annual payment made by Muslims to support people in need. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and is a key part of the Islamic faith. By donating a percentage of your wealth in order to help those less fortunate than yourself, you can please Allah and support your brothers and sisters across the world and in your country. 

Zakat Eligibility

There are two categories of people involved in the Zakat Donations:

  • Who is eligible to pay Zakat and who is eligible to receive Zakat.
  • As defined by the Zakat rules, those eligible to pay must be:



Of sound mind

Past the age of puberty

Have positive cash or goods flow

Have a total personal wealth higher than the Nisab value

Any adult Muslim who is working with positive income or earning more than is necessary to comply with their everyday essential needs is expected to pay a percentage of their wealth as Zakat.