Criminal Justice Degrees

One of the most important decisions you will ever make is selecting a career. Choosing a career can be an overwhelming task. There are many choices when it comes to selecting the best career path. You want a career that is stable and that offers room for advancement along with the availability for growth. That’s what makes this the perfect time to pursue a degree in criminal justice.

Why Criminal Justice?

The first question you may have is why criminal justice? Criminal justice is a great choice of career because it offers many different job opportunities. Criminal justice offers health and retirement benefits. Criminal justice offers unique opportunities and experiences. A degree in criminal justice gives you a chance to make a positive impact on your community while also keeping your community safe. The field of criminal justice also provides good employment stability and is filled with opportunities for career advancement and great pay.

What Careers Can Come from Criminal Justice Degrees?

The second question you may ask is what type of jobs do people with criminal justice degrees actually do? Individuals with criminal justice degrees have a lot of job titles they can choose. Here is a list of jobs that can be obtained with a degree in criminal justice. You could work for the police force by becoming a police officer. You could become a detective or an investigator. As a police detective or investigator, you would establish appropriate suspects and witnesses. You would also obtain proper evidence such as fingerprints and photographs. You could work as a police dispatcher. As a police dispatcher, your job would be to handle initial calls for emergencies. Dispatchers must assess the nature of an emergency call and determine which department or personnel would be best suited to handle the emergency. A criminal justice degree could also get you a job as a forensic science technician. As a forensic science technician, you help to determine the exact nature of a crime. Forensic science technicians also evaluate crime scene evidence and analyze blood samples. Forensic science technicians specialize in biology, chemistry, DNA and toxicology. A couple more careers you could pursue with a degree in criminal justice are forensic ballistics and bloodstain pattern analysis. Forensic ballistics concerns identifying firearms, ammunition, bullets and bullet casings as evidence in crimes. Bloodstain pattern analysis is the study of the size shape and location of bloodstains to help determine the events that took place at a crime scene.

Complete Criminal Justice Degrees Online

One of the best reasons to pursue criminal justice degrees is the fact that they can be completed online. One of the biggest obstacles many people have in obtaining a good stable career is finding the time to pursue education. The fact that you can complete your criminal justice courses online makes it more convenient to complete your education. The more specialized your criminal justice courses and training the better your chances to qualify for a higher pay level. So as you see the sky’s the limit when it comes to the benefits of pursuing a degree in criminal justice.