Car Insurance

The Benefits of Having Car Insurance and Other Assorted Facts


I would like to discuss a few common types of car insurance motorists usually get before I get into the benefits. Understanding the types of car insurance helps to shed light on why it is important and necessary.

1) PIP-Personal Injury Protection
2) Property Damage and Liability Collision( though most count these two separately).
3) Comprehensive
4) Uninsured and underinsured

The Law You do need auto insurance if you are going to drive. Going without it is illegal.

“I have no auto insurance. I know it is against the law. Please, do not bust my chops, okay?”
Rose, Color of Night 1994

This type of dialogue is only going to happen in the movies. It is a fantasy. The real world is much different. Time to get your finances in order before it is too late.

The Benefits of Having Auto Insurance

1) You will save money when you buy now. Life has a tendency to happen regardless of the plans you make. Do you really want to be caught in an accident without protection, especially when you are not at fault?

Either way, an insurance policy is going to protect you, even when the odds are stacked against you. It will mean the difference between paying a few thousand dollars and maybe a few hundred dollars. Finances can be challenging, especially when you are in an accident.

2) Sometimes when you have an accident it is hard to know which way to turn. Everyone has advice on what you should do, but their advice might not be what you need. A good insurance company will help you sort out your finances and do what is best for you. You need some kind of insurance on your side, so make sure you pick the right one.

3) There are some men and women, especially men, who like to test the limits when driving. Watch one of the Fast and Furious movies when you have a chance. You will see what I mean. Once again, it is only a movie, but there are people who try to mirror the activity in real life. Insurance is going to protect you against a lot of mistakes you could be making. Some people make dumb choices on the road, whether they are trying to impress someone or something else. Either way, a good insurance policy will have your back.

4) Did you know that the insurance policy you have for the road can help your health insurance? Whatever costs your health insurance cannot cover the other insurance will.

That is where the personal injury insurance comes in handy. FYI: In some states, personal injury insurance is required. You may want to Google your state to find out more information.