Breakdown Cover

There is nothing worse than suddenly finding yourself stuck on the side of the motorway with a flat tire or broken engine.  That is, unless you are not equipped with the proper breakdown insurance.  This type of protection is often overlooked by consumers, as they deem that it is not nearly as necessary when compared to other forms such as liability and third-party comprehensive.  The question is whether you require breakdown insurance for your travel needs and beyond.  Before we answer this, it is a good idea to explain how these policies function. 

How Do Most Breakdown Insurances Work?

Breakdown cover will offer you full protection if you happen to suffer an issue with your vehicle while driving outside, or before you turn the key.  The most common circumstances which this form of insurance will address include:

  • – Flat tires
  • – Dead batteries
  • – Towing requirements
  • – Transportation to nearby facilities such as a hotel or a garage

Please note that these are only the most basic circumstances.  It is often possible to customize a policy based around your special requirements.

Paying for a policy is identical when compared to other forms of insurance.  You will first be required to make a down payment.  This can be in the form of a lump sum for the entire year or it could represent a small portion of the total balance.  In the latter case, you will then be required to make monthly installments to the provider

Which Breakdown Cover Should You Consider?

The main determining factor is how far you drive and how often you take road trips.  For example, this policy is usually not necessary if you travel to a job that is only 10-15 minutes away from home and you rarely take any road trips.  On the contrary, business travelers or those who regularly take holidays should seriously consider this form of protection.  This is particularly relevant if you are traveling overseas to locations throughout Europe.  Before committing to any policy, look at the rates offered and the conditions.  Also ask if breakdown cover can be included as an addendum in your standard vehicle insurance plan.

Consider that breakdown cover can also be affected by the value current of your vehicle.  Therefore, it is a good idea to compare and contrast the policies offered by at least three different providers.  There are numerous third-party sites to be encountered online to make comparisons.  These will all illustrate the form of stipulations within a contract as well as the benefits and bonus that you can expect from them.