All You Need To Know On Airport Parking Options

What’s important to you when parking at the airport – convenience, affordability, amenities, all of the above? It’s not always simple to know all of your airport parking options – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the airport.

Business Parking

Like business class on a plane, business parking has a number of extra benefits such as a convenient parking space or special services and shorter distance to check-in. However, do note that you will be paying more for the privilege.

Valet Airport Parking

Leave your car with an airport designed driver who takes your keys and parks your car for you. When you get back at the airport, they will drive the car back to you.

Direct booking VS online booking

Airport car park price comparison websites are the best way to understand options available as it may identify car parks that you did not know about. However, most comparison sites charge a small premium for their service, so once you know who offers the most convenient deal, you should request your parking space directly from the company that you have identified.

Get the best options

When comparing the various on-site and off-site airport parking options available there are a number of parameters that you have to consider. The following steps are meant to make your airport parking decisions easier by showing the key factors.

Security: when comparing various airport car parks, be sure to look at the level of security that they provide. For example, do they have security cameras and guards available 24/7 including weekends?

Public transport and Taxi: always investigate alternative options such public transports (trains, buses, car sharing) or enquiring how much a taxi to and from the airport will cost.

Distance from the airport check in desk: check how far away the airport is from the car park as you will have to add time when planning your departure.