2018 Auto Models To Look Out For

The automobile industry has undergone a number of changes and if you love cars, you will love the amazing new features manufacturers included in the 2018 models. If you are looking for great off-roaders, the new Toyota Prado has great features you would love. It has a new grill and headlights. The LED headlights have been moved to the center which makes it easier for the driver to see the edges. This model also has an automatic deep beam feature.

The bonnet of the Prado has a deeper channel and the outer edges of the bonnet are easier for the driver to see. In terms of safety features, this model has autonomous breaking features as well as pedestrian detection features. The towing capacity was also improved to 3000kilos.

Auto manufacturers keep a close eye on the happenings in the technology industry, specifically the phone industry. Many manufacturers are now considering going wireless when it comes to charging phones. General Motors installed a feature in their latest auto models to allow phones to fit snuggly in the rubber pockets as they charge. BMW was not left behind. Since Apple introduced wireless charging on the iPhone 8, BMW introduced the same feature on their 2018 models.

Self-driving cars are something to look out for in 2018. The Supercruise system by Cadillac is able to steer itself, take over accelerating and also brakes. Nissan has a similar system referred to as ProPilot Assist. The performance of these self-driving cars is level 2. An example of a great performing level 2 self-driving cars is the Nissan Rogue which costs less than $35,000.

GM and Nissan have new features in their 2018 models to remind drivers when they have something in the back seat. It is easy to forget something or even someone in the back seat, especially on a busy day. These manufacturers have installed a feature that blinks on your screen reminding you of either a child or items on the back seat.

This feature is especially ideal during summer when it gets really hot in the car. You do not want your child or grocery forgotten in the backseat on a hot day. The GM system chimes while the Nissan system honks the horn.

Although the Land Rover SUVs are considered complex by many drivers, in the 2018 models of Range Rover Sport, Velar and Range Rover certain features have been removed. The climate control knobs and all secondary switches have been replaced by a 10.0-inch touchscreen. This screen displays all the necessary features that can be accessed by the tap of a finger. In the upper section of the display, you will find all the infotainment, audio and navigation features. The lower part of the display has pretty much every other feature.

2018 is the year to try out the new features that have been introduced in many auto models. Vehicles are not just about getting you to where you need to be. Auto manufacturers have introduced features to make you enjoy your drive especially when it comes to making your car compatible with features on your phone.